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Account Holder error codes


This section is currently work in progress.

The following table lists the possible error codes returned on Fusion’s Account Holder APIs.

Create Account Holder

Endpoint URI


Error codes

Error CodeError Code Description
AR400001Error while insertion in application
AR400003Account holder already exists with vector type
AR400004Form ID must be unique
AR400005Valid postCode must be present
AR400006Valid country must be present
AR400007Valid firstName must be present
AR400008Valid lastName must be present
AR400009Phone(p) provided is invalid
AR4000010Email(e) provided is invalid
AR4000010individualID is mandatory
AR4000011aadhaar or pan or passport should be present in the request
AR4000012Verified Email(e) or Phone(p) should be present in the request
AR4000013Can not approve the application, all the documents are not approved
AR4000014application not found
AR4000015Approved application is not allow to be updated
AR4000016Application is not updated
AR4000017Invalid bank ifi
AR4000018IFI info not present
AR400019Status value is invalid
AR400020Updating same application again to APPROVED state is not allowed
AR400021Updating same application again to REJECTED state is not allowed
AR400022null(Base schema)