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Beneficiary error codes


This section is currently work in progress.

The following table lists the possible error codes returned on Fusion’s Beneficiary APIs.


Endpoint URI


Error codes

Error CodeError Code Description
ACC400038A beneficiary is already created with this request
ACC400065Beneficiary already exists with vector type
ACC400063Beneficiary creation failed
ACC400031Account holder not found
ACC400056some unexpected error occured (This happens when Get Account holder failed)
ACC400012unable to fetch AccountHolderVectors info
ACC400048unable to get POP
ACC400040unable to fetch KYCStatus
ACC400044Multiple beneficiary exist with same request ID
ACC400064Unable to get beneficiary

Beneficiary Accounts

Endpoint URI


Error codes

Error CodeError Code Description
ACC400067Unable to get beneficiary
ACC400037Beneficiary not present
ACC400074Valid uuid value for beneficiaryID OR parentAccountHolderID should be present
ACC400067Get beneficiary request failed
ACC400068Valid nickname should be present
ACC400069Valid type should be present
ACC400070Valid accountInfo should be present
ACC400071Valid long value for ifiID should be present
ACC400072Error inserting beneficiaryAccount
ACC400042unable to fetch Beneficiary Account
ACC400073Unable to get Beneficiary Account