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About Account Holder

Discover the important functional concepts related to Account Holders and Application. In this article, you learn about

What is an Account Holder

An Account Holder is any person or corporate that has a banking relationship with an Issuing Financial Institution (IFI). For a clearer understanding and management, they are categorized into:

  • Real Account Holder (RAH): Also known as Individual, a Real Account Holder uses the banking products created by fintechs on Fusion. RAHs are identified and authenticated using various identifiers (phone number, email) and authentication procedures (KYC) prescribed by regulatory bodies. Examples of RAHs include prepaid and salary Account Holders.
  • Legal Account Holder (LAH): Also known as Corporate, a Legal Account Holder is any commercial business defined as a legal entity by regulatory bodies. Examples of LAHs include fintechs, partnership firms, merchants, and so on. Fintechs using Fusion to build their products are identified as LAHs on Fusion. Corporates who avail those products are identified as LAHs as well.


Account Holders are on-boarded onto Fusion by creating an Application. The process of creating an Application is similar to opening an account in the real-world banking system.

RAH Application

Creating Application for RAHs consists of the following steps:

  1. Collect Account Holder details like name, date of birth,OVD, Vectors and so on.
  2. Create and submit Application with the collected details.
  3. Issuer reviews and approves the Application.

KYC Verification

Know Your Customer (KYC) is a business process to verify your customer details such as identity and address proof as prescribed by RBI guidelines.

Based on your business implementation, Account Holders can be created either with minimum or full KYC verification. For more information, see KYC.


Vectors are unique identifiers used to identify an Account Holder during financial as well as non-financial transactions. Examples of Vectors are phone number and email.

To get Account Holder details using Vectors, see Retrieve Account Holder details using vectors.

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