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Activate Cards

To avoid misuse, new cards are shipped to Account Holders in an “inactive” state. This means that the card cannot be used for any transaction ATM withdrawals, online purchases, POS payment until the Account Holder activates it.

Activation also includes setting a card PIN, as the new card is shipped without one for security reasons. In this article, you learn about:

Before you begin

Before you explore Fusion’s card APIs, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with various card related concepts mentioned in Card orders.

Activate card

The process of card activation depends on your business use-case and implementation. For example, Account Holders can use the mobile app to scan the QR code printed on the welcome letter. On successful verification, the card is activated.

Set card PIN

Use the /setPin API to set a new PIN for card. The API doesn’t require old PIN.

To use the /setPIN you must be PCI DSS compliant. To use the API without compliance, integrate Fusion Card SDK into your application.

Endpoint URI


Input parameters

  • ifiID: Required. Unique identifier of the IFI.

  • cardID: Required. Unique identifier of the card whose PIN is to be set.

  • newPin: Required. New PIN to be set. The old PIN will no longer be valid.

  • nonce: Required. Current Unix epoch time.


In the following example, we generate a new 4-digit PIN for the Account Holder’s card:

cURL Sample
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curl -X POST 'https://fusion.preprod.zeta.in/api/v1/ifis/140827/cards/811b678a-0201-4756-8370-5a48d7950149/setPin' \
-H 'Authorization: {{AUTH_TOKEN}}' \
-H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--data-raw '{
"newPin": "1234",
"nonce": 1587478923
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JSON Sample
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