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Core Capabilities


We have built fusion APIs on top of Zeta banking stack.

Zeta banking stack is cloud-native, API-first and mobile-friendly. It has a modular core banking system and an issuance platform. Banks and fintechs can build unique products and experiences on the Zeta banking stack. These can be prepaid products, savings products, credit products, and so on.

Fusion currently supports prepaid products with RBL Bank and IDFC First Bank as banking partners.


Using Fusion, you can issue physical and virtual cards to your Account Holders. Zeta supports MasterCard, Visa, and Rupay Card schemes to offer best-in-class modern card solutions to your Account Holders. Virtual cards are used for E-Com or online transactions.

After you successfully create a card order and the cards are issued to the Account Holders, you can manage the following attributes or lifecycle of the card:

  • Set card PIN
  • Deactivate card
  • Delete card
  • Replace card


Fusion provides an exhaustive limits and controls framework to the fintechs. Using this framework, fintechs can configure rules like:

  • Allow or disallow certain types of transactions, for example, disallow ATM withdrawals.
  • Block transactions beyond certain limits, for example, limit fuel expenses to INR 2000 per month.
  • Block transactions at specific businesses, for example, disallow transactions at bars and clubs.

Fintechs can apply such transaction controls for accounts, account holders, products, or a group of products.

Integrations and extensions

Webhooks Webhook is a notification system that allows you to receive alerts and notifications about important business process flows. You can subscribe to various accounts and transaction-related events and take necessary actions when they occur.

For example, you can notify an account holder about a payment failure (using SMS/email) when a transaction at an apparel store declines due to insufficient balance.


Interceptors are HTTPS endpoints with the extra functionality of returning a response. A fintech can intercept a payment request going out to a merchant on a particular card network, and based on its risk system’s logic and policies, direct Fusion to either approve or reject the request.

For example, you can intercept a cash withdrawal request and block the transaction. Another classic use case is Just-in-Time (JIT) funding, where you can assess a payment request from a user and decide to fund the account in real-time so that the transaction succeeds.

Back Office Tools

To manage the program, fintechs require different products for their internal teams. These products include back office tools for managing support requests, downloading reconciliation reports, and so on. Fusion provides over 15 such tools for your team.

Listed below are some of these tools.

  • Report Center: Reconcile and gain insights into all your reports accessible through one dashboard.
  • Notification Center: Configure communication and create policies related to your event-based notifications.
  • Support Center: Respond and resolve support queries and service requests from your customers.
  • App Center: Setup and manage your mobile applications and provide customized experiences to your customers.
  • Risk Center: Monitor and investigate cases of risk.

Contact Zeta Support for more information on the back office applications.