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About android Card SDK

About Fusion
Published on 25th March, 2021

Cards SDK comes packed with a rich feature set to solve for different card use cases.

With Cards SDK, fintech organisations can avoid the burden of spending several months on being compliant for card issuance, lifecycle management & operations which serve as a bottleneck. Now, you can focus on innovating your products with out-of-the-box security provided by SDK & launch financial products in a remarkable time frame.

Before you begin

Please ensure that you have access to the following items from Zeta before you begin to integrate the Cards SDK with your App

  • Steps to authenticate the SDK. See SDK authentication for details.
  • Credentials for maven repository artefacts
  • Config file
  • Theme, template & font files

Preparing the environment

Ensure that the following requirements are met by your project

  • Latest version of Android studio
  • Target API level 19
  • Physical device/ Emulator to run your app (google play services should be installed & enabled on either)
  • Jitpack/ Maven repos
  • Java 8 or above