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SDK Quickstart

Fusion provides APIs to perform various card-related operations like issuance, personalization, orders, and more. Fusion APIs comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), security protocols to ensure a secure payment ecosystem for organizations that store or process card information. Fusion Card SDKs enable you to fetch sensitive card data using without being certified as PCI-compliant. You can integrate the SDK on both Android and iOS applications.

For more information about Fusion payment cards, see About Cards. To know how to order cards for Account Holders, see Create Card Orders.

Key Functionalities

The Card SDK allows you to perform the below two key functionalities of the card management system:

  • Fetch Card details

  • Set Card PIN

Fetch Card details

Fetch customer’s card information like PAN, CVV, Expiry Date, and more. For example, the card information retrieved can be used in the following use cases:

  • Card number enables you to identify the network.

  • Card details can be used in billing management services.

  • Eases the complexities involved in managing recurring payments.

  • Enables Online payments through app or web services.

  • Enables a quick checkout.

Set Card PIN

Set new card PIN allows you to set a four-digit security PIN for a payment card. The set card PIN functionality of Card SDK integration is useful in many use cases. For example, the card PIN can be used to authenticate:

  • ATM cash withdrawals.

  • Payments at the merchant’s POS machines.

  • Online payments through app or web services.

How does SDK integration work?

This section will help you understand how the process of Card SDK integration is managed.

  • Zeta will share the required files (private key and configuration or properties list) needed in order to start the integration process.

  • Using the private key you can generate the SDK authentication token.

  • Install and configure the SDK to prepare your app to work with SDK.

  • Post the SDK integration process, you can begin with verifying the SDK.

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