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Release Notes

List of fusion changelogs and regular updates

January 2021

January 22

Fusion Service Level Agreements

We have published the standard SLAs under More section. Service Level Agreements (SLA) document defines the acceptable and unacceptable service levels, the indicators associated with these service levels, and actions to be taken in specific circumstances. You can review Acceptable and Unacceptable service levels for your Fusion Program in the SLA section now.

January 20

New User Guides Published

The User Guides for Support Centre , Report Centre Centre and the Standard Report Catalog have been published under Management Console.

December 2020

December 22

Aadhar Biometric KYC - RBL Update

The getDetails API from RBL has been modified to fetch the information for a given number to validate whether onboard API of RBL was successful or not.The Real Account Holder can now resume his journey from where they left off in the RBL Biometric flow, which improves the user experience of the Account Holder.

November 2020

November 29

Aadhar Biometric KYC - RBL

Aadhar Biometric KYC wth RBL is now supported on Fusion. Fusion provides the APK to third party agents to complete Biometric KYC. The agent collects the biometric input (fingerprint or IRIS) and is authenticated againast the UIDAI Aadhar data. Biometric KYC can be used to ehance the KYC state of Real Account Holder to Full KYC. Read more about Aadhar Biometric KYC - RBL

Transaction API


In case of any 5XX failure for Account2Account transfer the fintech should be able to verify the status of the transaction. We have added the capability to check the status of the transaction if it gets failed due to 5XX error code.

/transactions/{transactionID} API helps query the transaction_id using the request_id shared by the fintechs. This is useful in case there is a surge in 5XX type failures in A2A transfer.

For A2A transfers, API passes RequestId and IfiID as a query parameter and returns back the transaction_id in case the transaction was successful & “no transaction found against the request id” if the transaction was not processed in Fusion with corresponding error code.

October 2020

October 10

Simple Credit Line Management System

SCLMS facilitates maintaining credit line for the accounts and using just in time funding for card transactions performed by the Account holders. Using SCLMS fintechs can maintain credit lines for their account holders as well as orchestrate Just in Time Funding from the credit limit to the account of the account holder. As part of the SCLMS we have added two APIs.

Increase Credit Limit Balance

Feature Update
You can increase the credit limit balance using the /increaseCreditBalance API now in SCLMS. Pass the currency and amount and payment ID as part of the request body of the API.

Decrease Credit Limit Balance

Feature Update
You can decrease the credit limit balance using the /decreaseCreditBalance API now in SCLMS. Pass the currency and amount and payment ID as part of the request body of the API.
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