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Release Notes

List of fusion changelogs and regular updates

April 2021

April 30

Fusion Management Console(FMC) for VBOs

Feature Update
Fusion Management Console is the go-to place for the Fusion tenants to set up and manage their program. Fintechs can now access FMC which currently has the components of the Report center, Support center, and Documentation guide for integration.Read more about Fusion Management Console

April 29

Search on Fusion docs has improved


We have enhanced the search experience for the users on the Fusion docs website.

  1. You can view the latest pages under recently visited pages in the search dropdown for quick navigation.
  2. You can now use the hotkey- ‘/’ (forward slash) to start searching
  3. The search results are now displayed on a separate search page classified
  4. The results are classified on the basis of the source module under the respective tabs

April 10

Dev guides are now have with 5-minute explainer videos

Docs Update
The fusion documentation now has 5-minute explainer videos by fusion’s product team members, for each item to help you gain quick context on the concept and the inhalts of the topic. We are adding videos to the pages every month. Look out for videos on Dev Guides

April 7

Cookbook for Just-in-time funding published

Docs Update
A step by step guide for the fintechs to setup just-in-time funding capability with Fusion APIs is now available under the Cookbooks section as Just-in time funding

March 2021

March 23

Aadhaar XML based Full KYC for RBL applicants

Feature Update
Fintechs with RBL IFI can now integrate with Fusion Aadhaar XML KYC service to offer a fully digital KYC experience to their applicants without requiring any doorstep agent assistance for the Full KYC.

March 18

Enabled webhook notification for 'shortfall' to 'minimal' KYC upgrade with the RBL bank

Fintechs can now subscribe to the webhook for KYC status up-gradation event of an account holder from ‘shortfall’ to ‘minimal’, with the RBL Bank

March 17

VBO tagging for new AH on-boarding using Biometric KYC completed

New applicants signing up with RBL Fintechs using Biometric KYC as full KYC mode were not getting mapped to the Fintech appropriately to the fintech post completion of the biometric KYC. This led to the issues where the Fintechs were not able to fetch details of such users with the get account holder endpoints. This issue is fixed now.

March 17

Integration and go-live checklist published on Fusion docs

Docs Update
We have added a step-by-step walkthrough for the fintechs on how to go about integrating with Fusion in the Integration and go-live checklist now available in the cookbooks section.

March 15

Published error codes for the APIs

Docs Update
Fintechs can refer to the detailed description of different error codes for each of the API endpoints in one place- the API reference page. Follow the link to view the Generic error codes and the module wise error codes

March 8

Request ID support in Bundles

We have added support for RequestID in Bundle Issuance APIs. RequestID can be used to uniquely identify every issuance request and is to be passed in the body parameters of the APIs. It is an optional field. In case it is not explicitly passed in the issuance request, Fusion will generate a unique requestID and return it in the response of the API.

March 5

Addition of a new report– ‘KYC report’ to the report centre

We have added a new report to enable the fintechs to get the summary of the account holders created in a period along with the respective KYC statuses and validity details, under the KYC reports. For more details, refer KYC reports.

Feburary 2021

February 26

Feature suggestion board

Docs Update

Page visitors can suggest improvements and share feedback through the AHA board with the fusion team by–

  • Clicking on the bulb icon on the bottom right corner of the page
  • Clicking on ‘Ideas Board’ in the ‘More’ menu of the header of the page.
  • Feburary 20

    Application Dev Guide Published

    Docs Update
    We have added the Application Dev Guide. These APIs allow more flexibility in the application process and the provisioning workflow.

    Feburary 19

    Added fields in the report centre for the fintechs


    We have added the below fields to the reports enabling a more comprehensive insight into the program.

    Field NameDescriptionAffected Report
    account_idUnique identifier for an account
    1. Load Report
    2. User spend report
    3. All card spends report
    4. Unsettled card transactions
    5. Settled card transactions
    6. OnUs merchant unsettled transactions
    7. Funding account dump
    ah_attributesCustom account holder attribute passed at the time of account holder creation
    1. Load Report
    2. User spend report
    3. User Balance
    4. All card spends report
    5. Unsettled card transactions
    6. Settled card transactions
    reversaltxnidsThe ID of Original transaction for reference, which is populated only if the reversal exists
    1. User spend report
    2. Funding account dump
    3. Unsettled card transactions
    merchant_mccMerchant Category Code for the merchant where the transaction is done (e.g. 4211)
    1. User spend report
    merchant_midMerchant ID
    1. User spend report
    rrnRetrieval reference number for the payment as shared by the network (e.g. 15719447806)
    1. User spend report
    merchant_tidMerchant terminal ID
    1. User spend report
    2. Unsettled card transactions
    3. Settled card transactions
    merchant_cityCity where the merchant is located
    1. User spend report
    merchant_nameName of the merchant
    1. User spend report
    transactionid_reversedThe ID of the original transaction for reference purpose. This is populated only if the record is for a reversal.
    1. Settled card transactions
    2. OnUs merchant unsettled transactions
    product_typeClassification of account product that is being credited/ debited
    1. OnUs merchant unsettled transactions

    Feburary 15

    Validation on Resource Target URI removed

    We have removed the validation that resource should be targetURI mapped to an account. Now resource can be created without passing any targetURI value. The only constraint is that targetURI of resource and targetURI of form factor cannot both remain empty.

    Feburary 6

    Mobile number as a form factor for multiple fintechs

    An applicant can now register using the same mobile number with different fintechs registered with the same issuing financial institution (IFI). The previous approach of ‘one mobile number-one fintech account with the IFI’ has been discontinued. This will enable using the same mobile number as a form factor for multiple fintechs under the same IFI.

    January 2021

    January 22

    Fusion Service Level Agreements

    Docs Update
    We have published the standard SLAs under More section. Service Level Agreements (SLA) document defines the acceptable and unacceptable service levels, the indicators associated with these service levels, and actions to be taken in specific circumstances. You can review Acceptable and Unacceptable service levels for your Fusion Program in the SLA section now.

    January 20

    New User Guides Published

    Docs Update
    The User Guides for Support Centre , Report Centre Centre and the Standard Report Catalog have been published under Management Console.

    December 2020

    December 22

    Aadhar Biometric KYC - RBL Update

    The getDetails API from RBL has been modified to fetch the information for a given number to validate whether onboard API of RBL was successful or not.The Real Account Holder can now resume his journey from where they left off in the RBL Biometric flow, which improves the user experience of the Account Holder.

    November 2020

    November 29

    Aadhar Biometric KYC - RBL

    Aadhar Biometric KYC wth RBL is now supported on Fusion. Fusion provides the APK to third party agents to complete Biometric KYC. The agent collects the biometric input (fingerprint or IRIS) and is authenticated againast the UIDAI Aadhar data. Biometric KYC can be used to ehance the KYC state of Real Account Holder to Full KYC. Read more about Aadhar Biometric KYC - RBL

    Transaction API


    In case of any 5XX failure for Account2Account transfer the fintech should be able to verify the status of the transaction. We have added the capability to check the status of the transaction if it gets failed due to 5XX error code.

    /transactions/{transactionID} API helps query the transaction_id using the request_id shared by the fintechs. This is useful in case there is a surge in 5XX type failures in A2A transfer.

    For A2A transfers, API passes RequestId and IfiID as a query parameter and returns back the transaction_id in case the transaction was successful & “no transaction found against the request id” if the transaction was not processed in Fusion with corresponding error code.

    October 2020

    October 10

    Simple Credit Line Management System

    SCLMS facilitates maintaining credit line for the accounts and using just in time funding for card transactions performed by the Account holders. Using SCLMS fintechs can maintain credit lines for their account holders as well as orchestrate Just in Time Funding from the credit limit to the account of the account holder. As part of the SCLMS we have added two APIs.

    Increase Credit Limit Balance

    Feature Update
    You can increase the credit limit balance using the /increaseCreditBalance API now in SCLMS. Pass the currency and amount and payment ID as part of the request body of the API.

    Decrease Credit Limit Balance

    Feature Update
    You can decrease the credit limit balance using the /decreaseCreditBalance API now in SCLMS. Pass the currency and amount and payment ID as part of the request body of the API.
    Announcment Docs Update Feature Update Fixed

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